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Coverage Lock-in

The plan features that you select when you purchase new coverage with ADA Members Insurance Plans are the features that you will have in place for the life of your coverage*.

What does this mean for you? Peace of mind.
  • True Own-Occupation protection—Locked-in
  • Partial Disability benefits—Locked-in
  • Built-in Features, Benefits, and Coverage Options—All Locked-in

Of course, you can still apply for additional coverage or other options as your needs change, but you won’t lose features from your original coverage. Unless changes are mandated by changes in law or regulation, the coverage features you sign up for, cannot be changed. Period.

Coverage Lock-in — yet another benefit of group coverage with ADA Members insurance plans.

Learn more about each plan’s features:
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ADA Disability Income
Protection Insurance
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ADA Office Overhead Expense
Disability Insurance
*Mandatory changes because of changing regulatory or legal requirements in the future may be made as required by law. Otherwise, coverage features in effect on or after November 1, 2009 may not be amended by Protective Life or the ADA once coverage commences as long as the participant remains an ADA member and does not allow coverage to lapse. Locked-in coverage features that subsequently lapse may not be available upon re-application for coverage. Premium rates may vary based on the financial experience of the plan. The Coverage Lock-in feature does not apply to the Universal Life certificate.